Conférence : guerre asymétrique en mer de Chine méridionale, le GICAN est partenaire de l’événement !

Whether we think of island building, ramming, ghosting, water cannoning, using dazzling lasers, the layoff of buoys, the construction of lighthouses, cutting off or
jamming of AIS signals, recent research has identified nearly 170 phenomena of either area denial capacity, hybrid warfare and grey zone tactics. These three distinct
categories of phenomena, united under the umbrella term of Asymmetric / Mosaic War-fare, can in turn be divided into different categories, in the South China Sea.

Even though China may appear as the obvious « elephant in the room », experts are witnessing an active involvement by all parties, whether local, regional, extraregional
and international powers in the South China Sea, all having specific interests and playbooks. It seems therefore important to try analyzing the situation in a more holistic
fashion, in order to better understand its dynamics and evolution.

Organized in partnership between the Paris Catholic University and ESSEC Business School – Singapore Campus, this seminar is meant at giving a broad understanding of the
situation in the South China Sea, clarifying the meaning of key terms, and at discussing non-lethal deterrence.
Through two successive panels, experts will share thoughts and confront their views on the diversity, and the intensity of the phenomena of area denial, and grey zone tactics in the South China Sea as well as their impacts for Southeast Asian claimants. Additionally, they will discuss about concrete solutions to deter such phenomena as well as the obstacles in the way of increased cooperation and data sharing.

> Date : 14 mai

> Heure : de 14h à 18h

> Mode : Hybride (diffusion en temps réel)

> Lieu : Campus singapourien de l’ESSEC

> Organisation : 2x panels de 3 intervenants

> Conférenciers : Voir PJ

> Thème : Guerre asymétrique en mer de Chine méridionale