A maritime industrial strategy

Strengthening the EU’s maritime industrial capacity to the benefit of Europe


Considering the impact from the pandemic crisis, the risks from increased geo-political tensions, and the anticipated adverse effects from the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), SEA Europe urges the European Commission and EU Member States to adopt prompt (sectoral) actions in support of Europe’s shipyards and maritime equipment manufacturers (known as “European maritime technology industry”).

As stated by Commission President Von der Leyen at the World Economic Forum in Davos, “the road to net zero means developing and using a whole range of new clean technologies across our economy: in transport, manufacturing, energy … To get ahead of the competition, we need to keep investing in strengthening our industrial base and making different global markets for clean tech.

As the European maritime technology industry will be a key enabler for achieving the EU’s climate-neutral ambitions on waterborne transport and Europe’s energy transition and independence, it is crucial for the European Commission to include the European maritime technology industry in the announced Green Deal Industrial Plan. Shipyards and maritime equipment companies produce innovative ships and technologies that are part of Europe’s clean tech and industrial innovation on the road to net zero.