The naval industry

The challenges
of the
naval industry

The naval industry is a dynamic, growing sector that is a source of sovereignty, but one that faces many new challenges: competitiveness (particularly in the face of unfair competition), internationalization, the ecoenergy transition, innovation, attractiveness…


#Acceleration of technology cycles

Our first major challenge is the acceleration of technology cycles. This concerns platforms, particularly in the face of climate change, but also equipment.

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#Digital revolution

The digital revolution is driving profound architectural transformations.

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#The decarbonization challenge

The decarbonization challenge is immense, with the drastic reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) and pollutant emissions required.

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The solutions
proposed by our members

To support the export development of its members, GICAN has compiled these thematic documents, bringing together the unique skills and references of its members. They are also a much-appreciated means of disseminating information at international trade fairs where GICAN is present.