Export support

How can we support our members’ exports?

International development is a major challenge for the Groupement, as it is a fact that our sector can only grow through its ability to export.

For this reason, GICAN offers a number of services designed to support companies in their internationalization, often repeated/explained in the International Committee. In addition to the services already mentioned in access to strategic information (trade show reports, market studies, international watch newsletter), GICAN offers its members the following services:

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#VIE export network

u003cstrongu003eGICAN has developed a network of VIEs, whose missions are as follows: u003c/strongu003e rnu003cblockquoteu003eGathering, processing and disseminating information on their respective areas, rnrnSupport for members wishing to prospect or set up in business, rnrnCoordination of regional committees, rnrnPromoting the local ecosystem of members, in coordination with French and foreign public and private partners, rnrnPreparation of French Pavilions federated by GICAN at trade shows abroad, support for the organization of French Pavilions federated at trade shows abroad by other partner associations (GICAT, GIFAS, Evolen), participation in trade shows and drafting of reports. u003c/blockquoteu003ernrnrnu003cstrongu003eTo date, the VIE network is made up of three VIEs dedicated to exportsu003c/strongu003ernrnu003cblockquoteu003eFlorence MONCHANIN is based in Kuala Lumpur and is in charge of the French Maritime Industries in ASEAN, rnrnGwénaël PENET is based in Abu Dhabi, in charge of the French Maritime Industries in Middle East, rnrnJulie FIEVET is based in Athens, as GICAN representative for Greece and Cyprus. u003c/blockquoteu003ernrn

#Export Control Task Force

u003cstrongu003eSince January 1, 2023, GICAN has offered a new service for companies facing export control issues. In collaboration with GICAT, GICAN is taking on a consultant, Pierre-Antoine ROUQUETTE, for the following assignments:u003c/strongu003ernrnrnrnu003cblockquoteu003eHost high-level meetings on export control issues every two months, rnrnIn other months, run specific workshops on export control issues by country/new regulations, etc. rnrnRepresenting GICAN and GICAT on export control bodies, to ensure that the voice and issues of our sector are heard. u003c/blockquoteu003ernrn

#France Pavilion organization

GICAN, through its subsidiary SOGENA, federates several Pavilions and develops a range of services around them: economic intelligence, logistical support, meetings with official delegations, meeting rooms, etc. rnrnu003cstrongu003eThe aim of these pavilions is to highlight the French offer. The federated trade shows in 2023 are: u003c/strongu003ernrnrnrnu003cblockquoteu003eLAAD (Rio de Janeiro, Brésil) 11-14 avril 2023 rnrnIMDEX (Singapour) 3-5 mai 2023 rnrnDEFEA (Athènes, Grèce) 9-11 mai 2023 rnrnSEA FUTURE (La Spezia, Italie) 5-8 juin 2023 rnrnEUROPORT (Rotterdam, Pays-Bas) 7-10 novembre 2023 u003c/blockquoteu003ern rnrnu003cstrongu003eAnd those of 2024: u003c/strongu003ernrnrnrnu003cblockquoteu003eWDS (Riyadh, Arabie saoudite) 4-8 février 2024 rnrnDEFEXPO (Inde, lieu et dates à définir) rnrnDIMDEX (Doha, Qatar) 4-6 mars 2024 rnrnDSA (Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie) 6-9 mai 2024 rnrnADAS (Manille, Philippines) 24-27 septembre 2024 u003c/blockquoteu003ernrn

#Export Missions

GICAN organizes prospecting missions on its own or in partnership with TEAM EXPORT and the French Defence Procurement Agency (Direction Générale de l’Armement). rnrnIt keeps an up-to-date calendar of all missions likely to be of interest to members.

#SOUTEX (export support)

GICAN coordinates SOUTEX actions on behalf of manufacturers, in partnership with the French Navy. These operations promote the industry when French Navy ships call at foreign ports.

#Capacity brochures

GICAN develops brochures designed to showcase the capabilities of its members in specific market sectors/segments. These bilingual brochures are distributed at trade fairs and events where GICAN is present. rnrnu003cstrongu003eThe latest brochures:u003c/strongu003ernrnu003culu003eu003cliu003ernu003ca href=u0022https://gican.asso.fr/gican/brochure-maritime-security-safety-environment-comite-ssem/u0022u003eMaritime security, safety u0026amp; environmentu003c/au003ernu003c/liu003eu003cliu003eu003ca href=u0022/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/BROCHURE_SRNS21_web.pdfu0022 target=u0022_blanku0022u003eScientific research u0026amp; navigation solutionsu003c/au003ernu003c/liu003eu003cliu003eu003ca href=u0022/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/2022.06-GICAN-BROCHURE-REPAIR-MAINTENANCE-REFIT.pdfu0022 target=u0022_blanku0022u003eRepair, maintenance, u0026amp; refitu003c/au003ernu003c/liu003eu003cliu003eu003ca href=u0022/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/2022.10-GICAN-BROCHURE-MARITIME-DRONES-AUTONOMOUS-SOLUTIONS.pdfu0022 target=u0022_blanku0022u003eMaritime drones u0026amp; autonomous solutionsu003c/au003ernu003c/liu003eu003c/ulu003ernrn