The MIRICLE Project concludes successfully, showing innovations in Mine Coutermeasures for European maritime defense.

As the European Defence Industrial Development Programme’s (EDIDP) MIRICLE project reaches its conclusion, the consortium of 18 partners spanning 10 European countries celebrates a pivotal milestone in the field of mine countermeasures for European maritime defense.

Launched on December 2021, the MIRICLE (MIne RIsk CLearance for Europe) project was a 24-month collaborative endeavor carried out by a European consortium led by Naval Group Belgium and sponsored by both the European Commission and the Ministries of Defence of the participating countries.

As part of the objective to develop a sovereign European capability in future mine countermeasures (MCM), the MIRICLE project aimed at establishing the next-generation MCM platforms and toolbox technologies for enhancing MCM operations’ speed, increasing standoff ranges, resolving operational shortcomings, and fostering greater interoperability.