Ascenz Marorka weather routing solution to equip the entire fleet of Clean Products Tankers Alliance

Ascenz Marorka1, a GTT Group company, announces that its advanced weather routing solution has been selected by Clean Products Tankers Alliance (CPTA) to equip its entire fleet. CPTA, a world leading medium-range product tanker pool, operates approximately 20 vessels.

The Ascenz Marorka weather routing solution defines optimal shipping routes by integrating multiple operational, economic and environmental variables, while taking into account a wide range of operational and regulatory constraints. This technology is compatible with various vessel types and propulsion systems, regardless of the fuel source chosen.

CPTA already uses the Ascenz Marorka Smart Shipping platform to monitor the performance of its fleet. This new contract gives them access to the weather routing module and the assistance service provided by the Ascenz Marorka Real-Time Fleet Performance Monitoring Centre. The latter hosts maritime experts with a diversity of key expertise such as navigation, weather, vessel performance management, LNG cargo & operations management, offshore operations etc.
Anouar Kiassi, Managing Director of Ascenz Marorka, declared: “We are honoured by the trust that CPTA places in us to support them in their journey towards digitalisation. We are delighted to work hand in hand with a ship-owner who values technology and innovation to achieve major decarbonisation goals”.

Jhander Marval, Head of CPTA Operations, and Bas Blaak, Head of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability of CPTA, said: “We are pleased to extend our cooperation with Ascenz Marorka by enrolling our fleet in their weather routing service. Digitalisation and innovation are key to support our operational excellence and achieve our economic and environmental objectives. This initiative is part of our “every ton counts” strategy to continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”